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The Curious Question

Sep 05, 2015 No Comments by

HELP PATIENTS FIND LIFE-CHANGING DENTISTRY. Curiosity may be dangerous to cats, but it can be a lifesaver for the dentist/patient relationship. Simply put, curiosity can inspire questions that have the potential to transform your practice from an ordinary one into an extraordinary one. In the 37-plus years that I have been going to the dentist, […]

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Waiting Room 2.0

Sep 18, 2013 No Comments by

“The dental waiting room is where good brands go to die.” That is what I tell the dental practices that I consult for. The reason is simple; waiting without purpose causes anxiety and taints the entire patient experience. A waiting room experience devoid of engagement can dramatically diminish the effectiveness of case presentations and as […]

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Smart Phone, Smarter Practice

Jul 01, 2010 No Comments by

In graduate school a professor lectured on something he called disruptive technology. In a nutshell, his point was that periodically a technology comes along that destabilizes or fundamentally changes some aspect of a business model.

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Feb 01, 2010 No Comments

I asked a colleague why he always ate at a certain establishment. He stopped for a second, patted his belly, shrugged apathetically and replied, “The food fills the hole and it’s cheap.”

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