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The Pull of Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

Feb 24, 2016 No Comments by

In the past, traditional marketing was about pushing a message out to as many people as possible and hopefully convincing even a small number of them to take the next step—maybe calling a practice or visiting a website—and, if you were incredibly lucky, getting them to make an actual appointment. Today, online marketing changes how […]

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Out of Site, Out of Mind: Internet Marketing Tips, Part I

Jun 01, 2015 No Comments by

THE DANGERS OF NEGLECTING YOUR WEBSITE. This article is the first installment of a multi-part series on the topic of online marketing. Look for additional articles designed to help with your online marketing efforts in future issues. Approximately 80 percent of all people will research information about a product or service before purchasing it. And […]

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The Numbers Don’t Lie: Using Analytics

Jun 01, 2015 No Comments by

The problem with traditional forms of marketing (like mailers and Yellow Pages ads) is the difficulty in tracking the return on investment. Websites are great because free tools like Google Analytics show you how web visitors find your site, how much time they spend on your site and which sites they go to after leaving […]

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