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How To Fabricate a Crown Under a RPD

Feb 22, 2019 No Comments by

Step-by-Step Procedure So Patients Can Keep Their Partials. Aesthetic Dentistry recently spoke with Arrowhead’s Removables Department about the best practice for fabricating a crown under a partial clasp. Anytime a patient needs a crown on a tooth abutting a partial denture, the dentist can follow this procedure. These steps eliminate the need to make an […]

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Temps to the Rescue

Jul 31, 2018 No Comments by

Innovative Temps Improve the Confidence of a Teen with Anodontia. When patients undergo cosmetic dentistry, it’s often an emotional transformation. Even after just the temporaries are seated, patients usually see a dramatic change. The old dentistry is gone and is replaced with a stunning approximation of the final results. Many patients break down and tear […]

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Q & A on Custom Orthotics

Jul 10, 2017 No Comments by

Choosing an Orthotic That Suits Your Patient’s Needs. When it comes to orthotics, one size doesn’t fit all patients. A custom orthotic is beneficial because it is made specifically for an individual patient. With custom orthotics, dentists can choose flat or anatomical, hard acrylic or Astron (MMA-free), or even full coverage or just posterior coverage. […]

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Take Command: Charting a New Course

Nov 17, 2016 No Comments

Celebrating 40 Years at the 2016 Arrowhead World Symposium! Are you in command of your dental practice? Do you feel like the captain of your practice, steering your crew towards success? Or are you drifting along without any specific port or course plotted? The 2016 Arrowhead World Symposium, held in Park City, UT, over two […]

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Dentrix Videos

Nov 23, 2015 No Comments

  Den”Tricks” Video Screencasts DenTrick No. 1 – The New Patient or Emergency Caller DenTrick Bonus No. 1 – Setting Up Custom Colors DenTrick No. 2 – Cancellation Caller DenTrick No. 3 – Adding the New Patient Interview to Dentrix DenTrick No. 4 – Organizing the Finances DenTrick Bonus No. 2 – Block Scheduling Template

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Arrowhead Reflections

Jun 01, 2015 No Comments

When Arrowhead opened for business in 1975, things were a little different. We originally set up shop in southern California, in a one-room office with a single technician. Today, at our current location in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, we’ve grown to include several hundred employees in a state-of-the-art facility. But some things never change—like […]

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Starting Blocks, Prep and Seat Checklists

Jun 01, 2015 No Comments

    CLICK HERE to read Dr. Downs “Starting Blocks” and learn why it’s not the finish, but the setup that counts.

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Humanitarian Dentistry: More Tips for Getting Involved

Oct 29, 2014 No Comments

1. Find A Service Opportunity and Organization. Dentists who are interested in getting involved in humanitarian service work have a plethora of resources at their disposal. The best place to search for opportunities and organizations is the “Shared Global Resources” section of the American Dental Association’s website ( There, dentists can use search fields to […]

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Dentists and Hygienists: A Partnership that Drives Production

Oct 29, 2014 No Comments

HOW TO EFFECTIVELY LEVERAGE AN IDENTIFY-DIAGNOSE APPROACH. In every industry and profession, effective teams can and do make a difference. For example, in the construction industry, a very skilled man can build a house on his own. He can draw up the plans, purchase the supplies, hammer, glue, cut and assemble. However, even the most […]

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On the Same Page: Improving Communication with Your Dental Lab

Oct 29, 2014 No Comments

IMPROVING COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR DENTAL LAB. Every human relationship depends upon open, honest communication in order to thrive. The relationships between dental labs and dentists are no different. In order to achieve the best results for your patients’ cases, an open line of communication with your dental lab is of the utmost importance. Recently, the […]

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