The Proof Is In The Pictures

GET FEWER INSURANCE CLAIM DENIAL WHEN YOU TAKE PROPER INTRAORAL PHOTOS. Dentists know that intraoral cameras and digital photographs are great for patient education and for promotion of our services. And If you’ve been involved with Arrowhead...

Give a Little Bit: Taking a Calculated Risk Pays Off

Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry. For her sister’s bachelorette party, “Maria” (name has been changed), a twenty-year-old, did everything right. She called a cab to take her and the other bridesmaids to celebrate...

Form and Function

THE BENEFITS OF USING AN AESTHETIC RELEASE. Whether in digital or print, all dentists are required to keep a certain amount of paperwork. As a dentist, you already know the various requirements for mandatory dental...


Five Dentrix Tips to Transform Your Practice. For more than 20 years, I have worked in the front office of a dental practice. During that time, I’ve watched the ebbs and flows of the industry...

White Wax-Up 101

A Stuning 3D Model Shows Patients What's Possible. Some dentists hear the term White Wax-Up and have a preconceived notion about it. But most dentists really don’t understand just how beneficial White Wax-Ups can be...

Taking a Closer Look

The Benefits of a SWOT Analysis. When was the last time you analyzed your practice from a business perspective? If you haven’t done it lately, now is a good time. A simple and fast way...

Tools of the Trade

Increase Precision and Productivity with Surgical Guides. My career in the dental industry started when I worked as a dental assistant for about five years. As a dental assistant, I specialized in implants—I did all...

Maximize the Value of Your Practice

Considerations When Hiring an Associate Dentist. According to the American Dental Association® (ADA), in 2016, more than 39 percent of dentists in active practice were aged 55 years and older. That statistic should be a...

Pitfalls Can Happen

10 Ways to Avoid Pitfalls in Full Mouth Reconstructions. When attempting a full mouth or full arch reconstruction (FAR), mishaps can happen. To improve as practitioners, dentists should learn to recognize any pitfalls before they...

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