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Prep for Success, Part 2: 8 Steps for Design, Efficiency, and Technique

This is the second article in a two-part series designed to help dentists optimize the way in which they approach prepping teeth for a full arch restoration case. The content in this article builds...

Prep for Success, Part 1: Design, Efficiency, and Execution

A couple of times each year, I teach a course called “Beyond the Basics” with the Dr. Dick Barnes Group seminars. During the class, we have a section that I call “Prep for Success.”...

To Join or Not To Join?

What to Do When Considering Participation with a PPO. About 15 years ago, our practice, Nankin Dental Associates, in Quincy, MA, participated in a number of PPO programs. As most readers are aware, preferred provider...

Seeing is Believing

Advantages and Implementation of Intraoral Cameras. For a lot of doctors, the most difficult thing to do is to convince a patient to accept treatment. If you show patients an X-ray, they usually do not...

Membership Has Benefits

Create and Grow a Successful In-House Membership Program. Most dental practices would jump at the opportunity to reduce dependence on PPOs and build a loyal patient base. It can be done! The best way to...

Surviving the Storms of Dentistry

Disaster-Proof Your Dental Practice. I have been practicing dentistry in New Orleans, LA, for nearly 30 years, and I still enjoy the work. Initially, I was drawn to dentistry because it is a profession that...

Beyond Drill-and-Fill

Discover the Potential of your Dentistry. When Amazon launched in Seattle, WA, in 1995, the online venture only sold books. But according to an April 2017 article in Business Insider magazine, founder Jeff Bezos “knew...

Travels with Dr. Barnes

A Comprehensive Guide to Treating Comprehensively. For almost eleven years, I had the privilege of traveling around the country with Dr. Dick Barnes. We went on the road to fulfill the main goal of Arrowhead...

Join the Dental Membership Club!

The Advantages of Dental Membership Plans. Not long ago, I received a call from a longtime patient. He explained that his daughter, “Amber” (who lived away at college), needed some dental treatments. Amber’s dentist told...

The Importance of First Impressions

Don't Ignore the Details that Can Differentiate Your Practice. You’ve probably heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” When it comes to a dental practice, a visitor’s...

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