Dentists Who Don’t Change Get Trapped by Their Environment

What happened last year to my gross production? Where did all the new patients go? How am I going to get my growth engine started? Am I the only dentist with these problems? Most dentists...

My Smile Dream Came True

I have always been extremely self-conscious about my smile. In my teenage years I had unattractive gaps between my front teeth. I was really embarrassed to smile and never smiled in pictures. Most teenagers...

Treating the Destructive Habit of Bruxism

Traditionally, dentistry has been a business based upon need. However, I have found that when my patients truly value dental health and wellness, then, at the very least, they are more appreciative of my...

E.MAX to the Max

Numerous dental materials have come and gone over the past years. Many of their manufacturers have laid claims to a pure nonmetal aesthetic material with superior enamel-like strength. That’s like saying your dental practice...

Implant Impact

The placement of dental implants is integral to the success of my practice. While it is one of the most lucrative parts of my practice, it’s not the only portion that has benefited from...

What We Think, We Will Become

These past few months have been stressful for many of you. My heart has felt deeply for you all as I've heard about the job losses, the economy, the layoffs, the cutbacks, and every...

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