Pay It Forward

Mentor: a wise, trusted, experienced advisor; a consultant; one who advises or trains someone else (especially a younger colleague). In 1969, Assistant Dean Dr. Harvey Coleman asked me to teach at the University of Southern...

A Team Effort, Part 1

Noninvasive Soft Tissue Advancement in Conjunction with Aesthetic Dentistry. Part 1: Treating Gingival Recession Over the past couple years, several patients have asked me how they developed gingival recession and how it can be treated. Gingival...

A Team Effort, Part 2

Noninvasive Soft Tissue Advancement in Conjunction with Aesthetic Dentistry. Part 2: Anterior Restoration When Abby first presented at our office, the main goal was to treat the symptoms she was having. Her chief complaint was headaches...

Course Correction

What I Learned After a Brain Tumor Diagnosis. I was recently at a continuing education dental seminar with the Dr. Dick Barnes Group when the conversation shifted to course corrections—the events that have the power...

A Reason to Smile

A Musician Sings a New Tune After a Full Arch Reconstruction. For most of my life, I’ve had problems with my teeth. Growing up, I had crooked teeth that were prominent in front (one was...

Finding the Money

Part 1: Helping Patients Pay for Treatment. When a patient accepts the treatment that a doctor has recommended, it’s an exciting time! It’s exciting for the patient because he or she has caught the vision...

Trading In for a New Model

Restoring the Smile of an Auto Shop Instructor. Beau Nicoll, a mechanic and auto shop teacher, visited my dental practice in Logan, UT, after he married Jordan, one of my dental assistants. Jordan encouraged Beau...

Membership Has Benefits

Create and Grow a Successful In-House Membership Program. Most dental practices would jump at the opportunity to reduce dependence on PPOs and build a loyal patient base. It can be done! The best way to...

Communication for Implant Success

Strategic Planning for Implant Cases. Ray LeGendre, part of Arrowhead Dental Laboratory’s technical support team, recently talked with Aesthetic Dentistry about communication between dental labs and dentists—particularly with regards to implant cases. Ray emphasized the...

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