The Dental Insurance Conundrum

How Dentists Can Avoid the Trap of Compromised Care. Recently the ADA News published an article with the headline: “Dentists remain cautious about economic conditions in their practices.” I was baffled and dumbfounded by the...

Making the Jump into Dental Implants

GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND IMPROVE YOUR PRACTICE. Since the 1980s, dental implants have been a reliable method of replacing missing teeth. However, during the last few years, this specialized dental procedure has...

Is Your Team Making The Honor Roll

HOW EVALUATIONS IMPROVE OVERALL PERFORMANCE. When I meet with a new dental team, one of the first steps that I take is to conduct an in-office evaluation. I run through a systematic list of questions...

The Real Cost of In-Office Milling

MAKING SURE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY REALLY BENEFITS YOUR PRACTICE. Computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is all the rage these days and with it people can create everything from the simple to the complex: jewelry, tools, machine parts...

Full Arch Reconstruction: Simple When It’s Systematic

PLANNING AHEAD MAKES LARGE CASE DENTISTRY PREDICTABLE. "Simple extraction? There is no such thing as a simple extraction!” I once overheard an oral surgeon in dental school utter those words to an unsuspecting 
dental student...

Humanitarian Dentistry in Guatemala

OPENING HEARTS AND BRIGHTENING SMILES. Guatemala is a land of wonder: a strikingly beautiful country both in geographical features and cultural landmarks. In this Central American nation (about the geographical size of Ohio), there are...

Obamacare and Dentistry

ARE PEDIATRIC, ORTHODONTIC AND TMD SERVICES COVERED? Dental practices and the public alike are navigating the maze of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (a.k.a.: “Obamacare”), and how its healthcare mandates relate to dentistry. As part...

The Dental Headache

OPPORTUNITIES FOR DENTISTS AND PATIENTS ALIKE. If you asked physicians to name one of the most common afflictions from which Americans suffer, chances are they will say “headaches.” Chronic headaches are an overwhelming problem in...

I Want That Smile

INSIGHTS GAINED FROM MY FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION. My experience with full mouth reconstruction was amazing from the very start. When I made my decision to get my teeth done, I chose a dentist whose working...

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