I Got the Winning Smile

I have had the privilege of working for Arrowhead Dental Laboratory and the Dr. Dick Barnes Group for ten years. During that time I have seen amazing smile transformations from both a clinical and technical perspective. Although I knew the process rather well, my own experience as a patient was surprising.

10 Swords of Truth

In 23 years of practicing dentistry, I have seen what works—and what does not. I have discovered great dissimilarities between what people say will work technically in the clinic and how we manage our practices.

Changing Directions

Have you ever wondered why some dentists seem to do much better financially? Do you hear colleagues talking about the comprehensive cases they have completed and find yourself saying, “I’m not into that kind of dentistry”? Do you feel as though this is boasting and could be taking advantage of the patient financially?

A Journey Worth Taking

At an Arrowhead course taught by Dr. Jim Downs, I was introduced to a startling statistic: 75 percent of dentists have never prepped a full arch. I was definitely one who fit into that category. It all changed when a patient, Jeff, came to me for help.

The Art of the Dance

Dancing can be defined as “to leap or skip about excitedly,” or, “to take a series of rhythmical steps and movements.” In many ways the second definition relates to dentistry as well. Both activities require dedication, constant practice, and the ability to quickly read and adapt to a situation.

Help Your Patients Decide

Getting a patient excited about full arch or full mouth treatment requires several important steps. First, as demonstrated in Dr. Barnes’ structure, the dentist must make building a relationship priority number one. This is...

Restorative for All Seasons

Over the past dozen or so years, several new crown and bridge materials have come onto the market. While they have significantly raised esthetic standards, however, the materials have posed a challenge. Enter Captek.

Words to Bond By

Bonding and product chemistry. Let’s see, would this equate to Dentistry 101? That’s what I expected from a recent visit to Ivoclar Vivadent’s USA headquarters in Amherst, New York. Instead, for me and some...

Go to the Next Level

OK, so production is up and better than ever. Your dental schedule is predictable, with patients who want to be in your office and in your dental chair. Collections are a breeze, and your...

Demystifying the Structure

I don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed seeing claims demystified. Oftentimes I find myself watching shows like “MythBusters” or visiting websites like snopes.com to validate e-mail claims that promise success, wealth,...

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