Active Leadership

The Secret to a More Productive Practice. Dentists often ask me, “What is the secret to a more productive practice?” This question reminds me of the poem, “The Secret of the Sea,” by Henry Wadsworth...

Internal Revenue

Providing In-House Solutions for Edentulous Patients. Taking an edentulous patient from start to finish in fewer dental appointments allows dentists to position themselves as providers who can fulfill their patients’ surgical and restorative needs. With...

Mastering Implants

Five Katas That Take Dentists from Beginners to Experts. Today, patients are more aware of implants than ever before. With the availability of online information, and with social networking making communication easier, patients have access...

Take Command: Charting a New Course

Celebrating 40 Years at the 2016 Arrowhead World Symposium! Are you in command of your dental practice? Do you feel like the captain of your practice, steering your crew towards success? Or are you...

Tools of the Trade

Increase Precision and Productivity with Surgical Guides. My career in the dental industry started when I worked as a dental assistant for about five years. As a dental assistant, I specialized in implants—I did all...

The New Dynamic Duo

Total Team Training Launches With Two New Experts! For the past 20 years, many dentists have recognized Tawana Coleman as the expert behind Arrowhead Dental Lab’s Total Team Training (TTT) seminar. During that time, Tawana...

Don’t Wait for Someday

After 33 Years, Melissa Gets the Smile of her Dreams. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had dental problems. I grew up in southern Alberta, Canada—where my dad was self-employed—as the fourth...

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