The Smile of My Dreams

I have always wanted a beautiful smile, but as a child my parents did not place a lot of importance in our teeth.

Embrace the Journey

As I speak to dentists around the country about what it means to succeed in dentistry, I’m struck by their assumptions about success.

The Path to Implant Success

Today the dental practitioner is faced with a variety of implant strategies. They involve the location, number, inclination, and distribution of forces required to support functional and parafunctional demands of occlusal loading.

The Fog Has Lifted

Very rarely do we have an experience so moving, so emotional, that it compels us to dramatically change our behavior. Recently, I had such a breakthrough.

The Death of Fear

Dentistry stopped being about income and instead became my personal means for giving back to people.

Become the Best Choice

I lead the Total Team Training seminars for the Dr. Dick Barnes Group, and I consider it a privilege. Not only do I get to practice and teach active listening skills, my heart is touched often by attendees’ responses.

The Seven Slides, Part 2

Shortly after my “Seven Slides” article was printed in the previous issue, my phone started ringing off the hook. Doctors couldn’t wait to request copies of the slides.

Smart Phone, Smarter Practice

In graduate school a professor lectured on something he called disruptive technology. In a nutshell, his point was that periodically a technology comes along that destabilizes or fundamentally changes some aspect of a business model.

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