Now is the Time for Comprehensive Dentistry

With the current economic and health conditions, dentists may be busy with onesie-twosie cases and might be tempted to shy away from comprehensive care that involves large-treatment recommendations. However, now is the best time...

The New Dynamic Duo

Total Team Training Launches With Two New Experts! For the past 20 years, many dentists have recognized Tawana Coleman as the expert behind Arrowhead Dental Lab’s Total Team Training (TTT) seminar. During that time, Tawana...

Creating a Practice You’ll Treasure

SHAPING AND POLISHING THREE ESSENTIAL SKILLS. Every dentist remembers those first exciting moments after finishing dental school. We tossed our caps into the air, received our diplomas and embarked on a grand new adventure. After...

Full Arch Reconstruction: Simple When It’s Systematic

PLANNING AHEAD MAKES LARGE CASE DENTISTRY PREDICTABLE. "Simple extraction? There is no such thing as a simple extraction!” I once overheard an oral surgeon in dental school utter those words to an unsuspecting 
dental student...

A Place Of Abundance

REIGNITE YOUR PASSION FOR DENTISTRY BY CHANGING YOUR PHILOSOPHY. Three years ago, when I started my practice, I was struggling with the rigors of both personal and professional obligations. My wife and I had a new baby...

The Fog Has Lifted

Very rarely do we have an experience so moving, so emotional, that it compels us to dramatically change our behavior. Recently, I had such a breakthrough.

Nurture Faith over Fear

I had moved my family. I had built a new office and hung out a shingle. It was a time of great change.

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