Prep for Success, Part 1: Design, Efficiency, and Execution

A couple of times each year, I teach a course called “Beyond the Basics” with the Dr. Dick Barnes Group seminars. During the class, we have a section that I call “Prep for Success.”...

Troubleshooting Oral Appliances

Orthotics, mouthguards, the LêDowns appliance, and splints are all considered oral appliances. At Arrowhead Dental Laboratory, we generally prefer that dentists use those terms with patients instead of the more generic term “nightguards,” because...

The Lasting Influence of Dr. Barnes: Part 3 – Hope and Faith vs. Fear...

Hope and Faith vs. Fear and Doubt Dr. Dick Barnes understood that making a lasting change requires the courage to act despite fear. According to Dr. Barnes, all dentists need to consciously, and on a...

The Lasting Influence of Dr. Barnes: Part 2 – The Unfinished Dentist

The Unfinished Dentist Dr. Barnes frequently remarked that he never felt that he had attained a level of skill where he could “sit back and coast.” Instead, he was a believer in the idea of...

The Lasting Influence of Dr. Barnes: Part 1 – See the World Differently

On January 27, 2020, Dr. Dick Barnes, a friend and mentor to many in the dental industry, passed away after a short bout with pneumonia. As those who knew him were coming to terms...

Digital Smile Design Tips: DSD for Treatment-Planning and Case Presentation

As the owner and a dentist of Amesbury Dental Associates in Amesbury, MA, I have worked with Lauren Flate-Gianakakis, our front office coordinator, for several years. Together, we’ve worked at refining our strategies for...

Rise and Shine: 7 Tips to Make Morning Huddles Great

Morning huddles have been a daily part of many dental practices for a long time. But over time, huddles may seem like a nuisance. After the challenges of the past year and a half,...

Communicating Value: How to Get More Out of Cosmetic Dentistry

In the early 1990s, Dr. Dick Barnes wrote the following article. At the time, he had been lecturing for three decades, and a new pickup truck cost about $30,000. Many things have changed since...

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