Who’s The Doctor, Doctor?

When I first heard Dr. Dick Barnes speak many years ago, I remember him saying the phrase, “Who’s the doctor, doctor?” At that time, I did not truly understand the concepts of diagnosis and...

The Unfinished Dentist

Ask, "What Kind of Dentist Do I Want to Be?" I am often asked what the difference is between dentists who are productive and profitable compared to those who seem to struggle. My answer is...

To Join or Not To Join?

What to Do When Considering Participation with a PPO. About 15 years ago, our practice, Nankin Dental Associates, in Quincy, MA, participated in a number of PPO programs. As most readers are aware, preferred provider...

Finding the Money, Part 2

Helping Patients Pay for Dental Treatment. In the November 2018 issue of Aesthetic Dentistry magazine, Tawana Coleman, the Total Team Training instructor for more than 20 years, wrote Part 1 of this article. Below, Hernan...

Pitfalls Can Happen

10 Ways to Avoid Pitfalls in Full Mouth Reconstructions. When attempting a full mouth or full arch reconstruction (FAR), mishaps can happen. To improve as practitioners, dentists should learn to recognize any pitfalls before they...

The Road to Success

From Dental School to an Expanding Practice in Five Years. In 2014, I graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in Columbus, OH. Today, about five years later, I own a dental practice...

Slowing Down to Speed Up

Taking the Time to Get Things Right on a Smile Makeover. I first met Daniel in December 2017. His wife had been a patient in our practice for eight years, but we hadn’t treated Daniel....

Are You Doing Discount Dentistry?

Why It's Important to Offer High-Quality Dentistry to Patients. Is there any way I can get a discount on that treatment?” Most dentists have encountered this question at some point in their careers. It’s not...

The Art of Smile Design

Get the "Wow!" Factor with Customized Smile Design. We’ve all seen them: poorly made, ill-designed crowns. Because they are often opaque and non-symmetrical, they stand out in a person’s smile like a beacon that you...

Looking Inward

Ask,"What Kind of Dentist Do I Want to Be?" A new year is the ideal time to take a moment and examine your life—both personally and professionally. This is not a passive activity—it is a...

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