Chasing the Bite

A problem that all dentists encounter, especially when doing large cases, but sometimes even with a single tooth, is what I call “chasing the bite.” Many dentists aren’t aware they are participants in this...

Looking to the Future

We’re back! After the unprecedented challenges associated with the passing of Arrowhead Dental Laboratory founder Dr. Dick Barnes, followed closely by the Covid-19 pandemic, Aesthetic Dentistry magazine is proud to emerge from a hiatus—symbolizing...

A Contest-Winning Smile

Ever since I became a dentist, I’ve wanted to donate a large case to someone in need. But I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Finally, a few years ago, my team and...

Digital Smile Design Tips

As the owner and a dentist of Amesbury Dental Associates in Amesbury, MA, I have worked with Lauren Flate-Gianakakis, our front office coordinator, for several years. Together, we’ve worked at refining our strategies for...

Practicing What I Preach

About 15 years ago, as a student in dental school, I learned that my patients weren’t the only ones who needed work done on their teeth. As I looked in the mouths of others,...

Circumstances Can Change

A few years ago, a patient walked into the practice who clearly needed my help. The patient was in his 40s. He had worked at Starbucks for about 20 years as a barista, so...

Full Mouth Form & Function

Bethany Howell is a patient who lives in Little Rock, AR, near my dental practice, Smile Dailey. Bethany does a lot of philanthropic work, and one of the organizations she works for is the...

From Good to Great

In June 2021, Aimee came to my office at Mill Creek Dental in Shawnee, KS, because she was unhappy with the veneers she had from another office. I was her second opinion. Aimee had...

Closing Spaces in the Aesthetic Zone

Many patients are familiar with clear aligner therapy—it is a common treatment modality in many dental practices. But in some cases, such therapy may not be the best solution. A little while ago, my...

Fixing Anterior Entrapment

A new patient came to our office, Amesbury Dental Associates in Amesbury, MA, without a lot of complaints. She was extremely healthy—a runner who participates in 5K races and even marathons. The patient mentioned...

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