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We’re back! After the unprecedented challenges associated with the passing of Arrowhead Dental Laboratory founder Dr. Dick Barnes, followed closely by the Covid-19 pandemic, Aesthetic Dentistry magazine is proud to emerge from a hiatus—symbolizing the resilience, adaptability, and unwavering spirit of our team and readership.

The past few years have tested our collective strength, but they have also served as a catalyst for transformation and growth. As we return to print publication, we would like to share a bit about the journey that led us here, as well as eagerly anticipating the opportunities that lie ahead.

The decision to pause print publication during the pandemic was not taken lightly. It allowed us time to reevaluate our mission, reassess our content strategies, and rededicate ourselves to communicating the principles that are at the heart of the Dr. Barnes philosophy. We seized the moment to redefine our identity, ensuring that the return to print publication would also be marked by a renewed commitment to delivering meaningful, relevant, and engaging content. Our goal is simply, in the words of Dr. Barnes, “to help dentists become better and more productive.”

In the words of Dr. Dick Barnes, our goal is simply “to help dentists become better and more productive.”

To those who have been avid readers of Aesthetic Dentistry magazine in the past, welcome back! You might notice a change in our format. Rather than covering a range of industry-relevant topics, we’ve focused the magazine’s content primarily on the types of large-case dentistry that Dr. Barnes said “walk through the doors of every dental practice on a daily basis.”

Going forward, and on an annual basis, Aesthetic Dentistry will share the stories and outcomes from dentists who are practicing the comprehensive dentistry that is at the heart of everything Dr. Barnes did and believed in.

Our return is a celebration of the power dentistry has to change the lives of practitioners and patients alike. In this issue, the stories reflect the struggles, insights, and triumphs of dentists like you, who strive to provide the best outcomes for your patients. The narratives demonstrate the importance of building a support structure of mentors, working with a skilled dental laboratory, and enrolling in continuing education training that empowers dentists to constantly evolve their skills in pursuit of excellence.

From tales of personal progression to narratives about the challenges of helping patients understand the value of comprehensive dentistry, each page contains a testament to the strength and vitality of the dental profession.

To honor him, we are committed to telling the stories of dentists like you.

As the executive editor of Aesthetic Dentistry, I invite you to join us in rediscovering the joy of dentistry and the shared experiences that make this a rewarding profession.

The return of Aesthetic Dentistry magazine is an affirmation of Dr. Barnes’ core belief that every patient deserves the best dentistry, regardless of their perceived ability to pay for it. The life and philosophy of Dr. Barnes has been a beacon of hope for many dentists who felt trapped by the limitations of their circumstances.

As such, we felt it would be appropriate to feature our founder on the cover of this issue, to remind those who knew him of his legacy and to introduce him and his ideas to the new dentists who are the future of this industry. To honor him, we are committed to telling the stories of dentists like you, who push beyond the confines of their limiting beliefs to create dental practices that deliver life-changing dentistry every day. We sincerely thank you, our readers, for your patience and support during our hiatus. Together, let’s embrace the future with optimism and a commitment to becoming better at what we do each day. Welcome back to a revitalized and re-imagined magazine! We’re ready to embark on this journey with you.


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