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More Than Practice

Nov 23, 2015 No Comments

Go from “Practicing” to Providing the Right Solution. Shawn and I became friends when we were children and we had the good fortune of staying friends into adulthood. When I was in dental school, Shawn mentioned that someday he would like me to look at some problems he was having with his teeth. The operative […]

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Triumph Over TMD

Sep 03, 2015 No Comments

A COMPREHENSIVE, FULL ARCH APPROACH. When I met Jenny Kelley more than fourteen years ago, I knew she would be a great dental assistant. Years later, I asked her to join my team in Lawrence, KS. What I didn’t know was that in addition to being a great dental assistant, she would also be a […]

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Saving Jane’s Smile

Jun 01, 2015 No Comments

ELIMINATE PATIENT FEARS AND OFFER LIFE_CHANGING DENTISTRY. A while back, some longtime patients of mine referred their friend “Jane” (name has been changed), a mother and grandmother, to my practice. These friends tried to convince Jane to visit my office for more than a year, and she finally agreed. Jane was a bit dental phobic […]

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Bruxism Part II: Proper Screening Can Save Lives

Dec 02, 2013 No Comments

DENTISTS CAN PLAY A CRITICAL ROLE IN SLEEP APNEA DIAGNOSES. In the previous issue of Aesthetic Dentistry (Summer 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1), I discussed the theory that in some cases, people are clenching and/or grinding their teeth (or just contracting their muscles) while they sleep in order to help maintain a patent oropharyngeal airway (what I refer to […]

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Think you know everything about Bruxism? Think Again!

Sep 18, 2013 No Comments

For years we have searched for answers regarding why some of our patients clench and/or grind their teeth. We have blamed this so called “parafunctional activity” on everything from premature occlusal contacts, dysfunctional mandibular position (too far forward, too far backward, too much vertical, too little vertical, in “CR,” not in “CR,”) and of course, […]

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Restorative for All Seasons

Nov 17, 2010 No Comments

Over the past dozen or so years, several new crown and bridge materials have come onto the market. While they have significantly raised esthetic standards, however, the materials have posed a challenge. Enter Captek.

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