Troubleshooting Oral Appliances

Orthotics, mouthguards, the LêDowns appliance, and splints are all considered oral appliances. At Arrowhead Dental Laboratory, we generally prefer that dentists use those terms with patients instead of the more generic term “nightguards,” because...

The Art of Smile Design

Get the "Wow!" Factor with Customized Smile Design. We’ve all seen them: poorly made, ill-designed crowns. Because they are often opaque and non-symmetrical, they stand out in a person’s smile like a beacon that you...

How To Fabricate a Crown Under a RPD

Step-by-Step Procedure So Patients Can Keep Their Partials. Aesthetic Dentistry recently spoke with Arrowhead’s Removables Department about the best practice for fabricating a crown under a partial clasp. Anytime a patient needs a crown on...

Communication for Implant Success

Strategic Planning for Implant Cases. Ray LeGendre, part of Arrowhead Dental Laboratory’s technical support team, recently talked with Aesthetic Dentistry about communication between dental labs and dentists—particularly with regards to implant cases. Ray emphasized the...

Q & A: Simplifying Removables

A Discussion with Dr. Brian Britton about a Systematic Approach to Removables. Aesthetic Dentistry recently spoke with comprehensive dentist Dr. Brian Britton, from Arlington, TX, about making removables a simpler and more profitable process. Dr....

Q & A: New Options for Removable Partial Dentures

A Discussion with the Team at Solvay Dental 360™ and LaMont Carpenter at Arrowhead Dental Laboratory about Ultaire™ AKP. Aesthetic Dentistry recently spoke with Albert Garza, Head of Customer Engagement, and Michael Larsson, Business Development...

Q & A on Custom Orthotics

Choosing an Orthotic That Suits Your Patient's Needs. When it comes to orthotics, one size doesn’t fit all patients. A custom orthotic is beneficial because it is made specifically for an individual patient....

Q and A Explains All About ZirCrowns

A Crown is Not Just a Crown. Aesthetic Dentistry recently spoke with Arrowhead Dental Laboratory’s CAD/CAM manager, Jay Nelson, about monolithic full zirconia restorations, also known as ZirCrowns. Jay and his team developed a...

Q and A on Hybrid Zirconia Restorations

The Requirements and Benefits of Hybrid Zirconia Restorations. Aesthetic Dentistry recently spoke with Arrowhead Dental Lab’s hybrid zirconia restoration team to learn more about this unique appliance. Members of the team include: Tracey Folau (TF)—CAD...

Q & A on Material Selection

Choosing Case Materials for Optimal Outcomes. For more than 20 years, Kent Garrick has been advising dentists on comprehensive case design. As Arrowhead’s Director of Technical Services, he recently talked with Aesthetic Dentistry about...

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