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Dentistry is experiencing a technological revolution today, with unmatched opportunities for fabricated tooth restoration that is lifelike, strong, and reliable. For the first time in dental history, the Esthetic Revolution and the Technological Revolution have aligned. The result? Dentistry that is being propelled to an exciting new horizon.

At Arrowhead Dental Laboratory, we work closely and regularly with dental professionals who must balance strength and esthetics on challenging dental cases. Often, multiple substructure materials and porcelain systems must be used in a single case. This makes it challenging to fabricate restorations that match one another, let alone the natural dentition in the patient’s mouth.

Enter IPS e.max Press, an Ivoclar Vivadent system that lets Arrowhead Dental Laboratory and dentists partner to restore even the most challenging cases. It’s all possible using one high-strength, conventionally cementable or bonded all-ceramic system.

With its natural-looking color and optimal light transmission, e.max Press has a chameleon effect in the mouth. The biocompatible, lithium disilicate glass ceramic offers the fit, form, and function expected from pressed ceramics.

In addition, the e.max Press system provides the improved flexural strength of 400 MPa. As a result, restorations demonstrate a “monolithic” strength unlike any other. The material can be used in a wide range of reliable restorative indications, including full-coverage crowns in the anterior and posterior regions, inlays, onlays, and minimal prep veneers.

Known for its versatility, e.max Press has essentially removed many of the constraints of the past. Instead, it allows the dentist and dental lab to focus on the overall esthetic effect, which is what the patient will primarily consider when evaluating the overall value of the restorations. This is why it is critical that dentists find a lab that can deliver restorations based on the mouth’s full architecture.

Like a painter creating a masterpiece brush stroke by brush stroke, each technician at Arrowhead Dental Laboratory creates a mini masterpiece. Our team is comprised of some of the most talented dental technicians in the world, and they are masters at their craft.

While any dental technician can create crowns, an Arrowhead technician creates teeth. And with e.max Press in his or her arsenal of all-ceramic restorations, the possibilities are practically endless for matching and masking natural dentition and other restorations.

As a dentist, no doubt you’ve come across dental situations that require a zirconia bridge in the posterior, a set of full contour crowns in the anterior, and maybe even a veneer on one of the centrals—all on the same patient. The beauty of e.max Press is that all of these restorations will match in the oral environment. This is possible because the porcelain layered on the zirconia bridge is the same porcelain layered over the e.max Press to be used on the anterior crowns and veneer.

The next time a patient of yours needs multiple materials or high esthetic all-ceramic restorations, consider the talented technicians at Arrowhead Dental Laboratory. Picture them re-creating nature brush stroke by brush stroke.

Thanks to e.max Press, you can now offer patients exceptionally beautiful restorations that also exhibit high mechanical strength. Put this innovative, all-ceramic material to work today and embrace the exciting advances in dentistry.


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