Set Your Practice Apart by Polishing Your Focus


During my three years with Arrowhead, I have observed a significant shift in the dental market. While initially it seemed the industry was headed for new heights, this past year and a half has been challenging for dentists and their patients.

To better understand the current market, I did an in-depth analysis of our clients and the industry in general. I was surprised by a sizable group of clients that showed strong growth even as the industry trended downward. I was determined to understand what was so special about these dental practices.

What I discovered can be boiled down to three simple but related factors:

  • A passion for dentistry that drives continual improvement.
  • The formation of partnerships based on that passion and capable of feeding it.
  • The ability to focus that passion and accompanying partnerships so dentistry’s true potential comes through.

Companies passionate about dentistry don’t sell products; they sell solutions. Dentists who sell crowns and cleanings offer services that can be obtained in any other dental practice. The differentiator then becomes price, in which case the lowest price wins.

To avoid this, companies who are passionate about dentistry work non-stop to acquire the skills, technologies, and attitudes that promote positive outcomes over products. Arrowhead doctors are successful because they are passionate about solving both short-term and long-term dental needs.

The best partnerships create a culture of continual improvement. Success builds on success as both parties seek to push their offerings to the next level. At Arrowhead, our most successful clients tend to be those who converse regularly with our implant, full mouth, and technical support specialists. Our products are merely the vehicle by which those solutions are delivered.

Last, in the most successful practices, exceptional outcomes occur when a passionate partnership focuses its collective expertise on a problem. They make dentists stand out. They drive customers to your door regardless of the economy. These exceptional outcomes are delivered daily by our most successful clients. In my book, that’s the very definition of success.


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