Nurture Faith over Fear

I had moved my family. I had built a new office and hung out a shingle. It was a time of great change.

Ask the Missing Question

The first thing I notice about people is their teeth. I was born missing a tooth, which led to self-consciousness and years of orthodontic treatment. I always wondered what it would be like to have a big, beautiful smile.

Outcomes That Bring Income

Last year I observed basically two types across all age groups and skill sets. These included dentists who were struggling financially and dentists who were unaffected by the economy.

The Seven Slides

For me, dentistry was not fun. I had my own practice with a decent number of patients, and I spent my days doing what I thought dentists did: checkups, fillings, and the occasional crown.

Treatment Solutions

The healing arts practitioner seeks to keep the body healthy, and the dentist is no exception. The wise and careful dentist will protect patients’ oral health rather than serve merely as a “Maytag repairman”...

Take the First Step

What is the first step for the dentist? Is it dental school? Of course you have worked so hard and prepared well. Is it the latest and greatest dental technology? Is it hiring a consultant? Is it getting the most up-to-date office design?


I asked a colleague why he always ate at a certain establishment. He stopped for a second, patted his belly, shrugged apathetically and replied, “The food fills the hole and it’s cheap.”

Better by Association

In a recent Arrowhead webinar, dentists were asked, “If you had access to implant and full arch reconstruction experts, how likely would you be to pursue these types of cases?” Eighty-seven percent said “very...

Set Your Practice Apart by Polishing Your Focus

During my three years with Arrowhead, I have observed a significant shift in the dental market. While initially it seemed the industry was headed for new heights, this past year and a half has...

Restoration Made Easy

Dentistry is experiencing a technological revolution today, with unmatched opportunities for fabricated tooth restoration that is lifelike, strong, and reliable. For the first time in dental history, the Esthetic Revolution and the Technological Revolution...

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