Arrowhead Celebrates 40 Years!

This is a momentous year for Arrowhead Dental Laboratory. In 2015, we are celebrating 40 years in business. This is no small feat, given the changes in the dental industry, especially over the past...

Beyond His Imagination

DR. BARNES REFLECTS ON THE PAST AND THE LESSONS HE LEARNED ALONG THE WAY. As a young dentist, Dr. Dick Barnes ignored the conventional wisdom and envisioned a dental practice that gave patients care that...

Saving Jane’s Smile

ELIMINATE PATIENT FEARS AND OFFER LIFE_CHANGING DENTISTRY. A while back, some longtime patients of mine referred their friend “Jane” (name has been changed), a mother and grandmother, to my practice. These friends tried to convince...

The Power of the Handoff

TACKLE THE PROBLEM OF PATIENT TRANSITIONS.  The date is January 17, 1988. The Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos face each other on the Denver eight-yard line. It’s the AFC Championship game and only 1:12 minutes...

Creating a Practice You’ll Treasure

SHAPING AND POLISHING THREE ESSENTIAL SKILLS. Every dentist remembers those first exciting moments after finishing dental school. We tossed our caps into the air, received our diplomas and embarked on a grand new adventure. After...

The Untapped Power of Your Recall System

INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTION USING EXISTING PATIENTS. There’s one simple truth about dentistry that can’t be refuted: the lifeblood of every practice is the patients—both new patients and recall patients. Dental offices invest large amounts of money...

Out of Site, Out of Mind: Internet Marketing Tips, Part I

THE DANGERS OF NEGLECTING YOUR WEBSITE. This article is the first installment of a multi-part series on the topic of online marketing. Look for additional articles designed to help with your online marketing efforts in...

Give a Little Bit: Taking a Calculated Risk Pays Off

Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry. For her sister’s bachelorette party, “Maria” (name has been changed), a twenty-year-old, did everything right. She called a cab to take her and the other bridesmaids to celebrate...

Starting Blocks

IT'S NOT THE FINISH, BUT THE SETUP THAT COUNTS. Every successful track athlete knows the importance of a good start. If the starting blocks aren’t setup exactly right, if the feet aren’t placed in the...

Arrowhead Reflections

When Arrowhead opened for business in 1975, things were a little different. We originally set up shop in southern California, in a one-room office with a single technician. Today, at our current location in...

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