Getting Hip with HIPAA

Four Areas for Front Office Team Members to Know. HIPAA, formally known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was signed into law in 1996. According to the California Department of Health Care Services,...

The Power of Introspection

Discovering Why We Do Things the Way We Do. One of the biggest obstacles to becoming a truly productive dentist is failing to ever question the way you do your work. As a dentist, it’s...

Framing the Picture

Tips for Tissue Contouring and More. Aesthetic dentistry combines the best of art and science to give patients beautiful and functional smiles. When working on large cases, dentists painstakingly detail the specifics of smile design...

Precision Placement

Guided Surgery for Single-Tooth Implants. When patients ask about the success rate of dental implants, I usually respond, “97 percent.” I know the numbers vary somewhat, but nearly all the data falls somewhere in the...

Step-by-Step Restoration

A Segmented Approach to Full Arch Reconstruction. Val has been my neighbor for about 18 years, and our families have a close relationship. Our kids have grown up together, and she’s been my patient as...

Cybersecurity for Dental Practices

How to Protect Your Data from Ransomware. Imagine if all your patient files, accounting information, and other data critical to your dental practice was not accessible because someone was holding it hostage. In order to...

Surviving the Storms of Dentistry

Disaster-Proof Your Dental Practice. I have been practicing dentistry in New Orleans, LA, for nearly 30 years, and I still enjoy the work. Initially, I was drawn to dentistry because it is a profession that...

Temps to the Rescue

Innovative Temps Improve the Confidence of a Teen with Anodontia. When patients undergo cosmetic dentistry, it’s often an emotional transformation. Even after just the temporaries are seated, patients usually see a dramatic change. The old...

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