The Guy Next Door

Everyone Can Have a Beautiful, Functional Smile. After seeing my picture on the cover of this magazine, you might assume that I’m some kind of celebrity, rock star, or uber-wealthy Wall Street businessman. After all,...

The New Dynamic Duo

Total Team Training Launches With Two New Experts! For the past 20 years, many dentists have recognized Tawana Coleman as the expert behind Arrowhead Dental Lab’s Total Team Training (TTT) seminar. During that time, Tawana...

The Dr. Dick Barnes Structure

3 Steps That Move You Forward. If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward. This saying is applicable to many things in life—especially dental practices. It means that there’s no such thing as...

Pitfalls Can Happen

10 Ways to Avoid Pitfalls in Full Mouth Reconstructions. When attempting a full mouth or full arch reconstruction (FAR), mishaps can happen. To improve as practitioners, dentists should learn to recognize any pitfalls before they...

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